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Who We Are

Our church is based on the principles and foundations of the teachings of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Rather than a mere place where our community meets, Shiloh Baptist Church is more than that. Shiloh is where our community can come together to worship and have fellowship. Year-round, we have multiple community-involvement events such as Vacation Bible School, Fall Festival, Christmas Play, and Dinner on the Grounds.

Come out and visit us. Once you're here, you're family!


Historical Highlights

Church organized 1854
Moved to present location 1908
Pews purchased 1910
Tabernacle built 1911
First piano purchased 1920
Baldwin piano purchased 1928
Purchased light plant 1930
Siding, hymnal racks built 1952
Dedicate Hist. Marker 1969
First addition to building 1972
Cuchions added to pews 1978
Concrete in tabernacle 1979
Indoor plumbing, kitchen 1984
Incorporated FSBC 1988
Sanctuary heat & air 1988
New sign purchased 1989
Restored tabernacle 1995
Phone installed 1996
Occupy new building 2000
Multimedia system 2007
Ray Dennis, Pastor
Johnny Kurten, Moderator
Suz Anne Kurten, Clerk